Juggling Gallery
all songs written and produced by
              Kevin Ream
recorded in Dansville MI
          Jan.-Sept.  2002
all vocals by Kevin Ream
all instruments played by Kevin Ream
except track 3 keyboard: Adam Jones
         track 4 acoustic guitar & backing vocals: Adam Jones
         track 8 clarinets: Adam Jones
                     backing vocals: Adam Jones & Ryan Williams
                     percussion: Adam Jones, Ryan Williams, Jay
Cavanaugh,                                           Mark Kennell & Matt Kidle
1. Birthstoned
2. Swoon Song
3. Crash Landing
4. Your Autograph
5. Plastic
6. Off The Wagon
7. Marching Up The Wall
8. Ballad Of The Fired
9. Open Day
10.  Mac's Revenge
11.  From Outer Space
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