"The Tin Can Tapes"
all songs  produced by Kevin Ream, all vocals & instruments performed by Kevin Ream
*except bass on track 9 of vol. 1 by Terry Ream and all drums on vol. 6 by Tim Gitner
vol.1-4 recorded November-December 2005 Tin Can Studio  Dansville, Michigan
vol. 5 & 6 recorded June 3-13 2009 Ankeny House Portland, OR
1.  Sunny Afternoon     by Ray Davies
2.  I Wanna Be The Boy..   by Jack White
3.  Shooting Star    by Bob Dylan
4.  So Like Candy    by Elvis Costello
5.  Loving Cup     by Jagger/Richards
6.  Isolation     by John Lennon
7.  Maybe I'm Amazed     by Paul McCartney
8.  Beware Of Darkness     by George Harrison
9.  Long Gone Lonesome Blues by Hank Williams
10. Harvest     by Neil Young
11. Sunshine Superman     by Donovan
12. Lucky     by Radiohead
13. Bold As Love     by Jimi Hendrix
--out takes
    Guess I'm Doing Fine     by Beck
    I Guess I Just Wasn't Made..  by Brian Wilson
    Don't Look Back In Anger   by Noel Gallagher
    Walls     by Tom Petty
The Tin Can Tapes are six albums of cover songs.  
None are available for listen or download for obvious
reasons but the disks are available if a request is
sent to: singentheblues@yahoo.com
Most of the songs from volume 5 are available for
listen from a Youtube playlist.  You can find it by
clicking on voulme 5's album cover below.
1.  Get Rhythm     by Johnny Cash
2.  I Gotta Get Drunk    by Willie Nelson
3.  Settin' The Woods On Fire   by Hank Williams
4.  Blue Shadows    by Gary Newman
5.  Sam's Place     by Buck Owens
6.  Working Man's Blues    by Merle Haggard
7.  Friend Of The Devil    by Jerry Garcia
8.  Garden Party     by Ricky Nelson
9.  Did Hank Do It That Way?   by Waylon Jennings
10. And It Stoned Me    by Van Morrison
11. Sunday Morning Coming Down by Kris Kristoffersen
1.  Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee
2.  Things Have Changed
3.  Trying To Get To Heaven
4.  Everything's Broken
5.  It Takes A Train To Cry, It Takes..
6.  One More Weekend
7.  Seven Days
8.  Po' Boy
9.  When I Paint My Masterpiece
10. Maggie's Farm
11. Standing In The Doorway
12. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
13. Down Along The Cove
14. Blind Willien McTell
    The Man In Me
     Where Teardrops Fall
     It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
1.  Born Under A Bad Sign      by Albert King
2.  Death Letter    by Son House
3.  Champagne & Reefer     by Muddy Waters
4.  Bron-y-aur Stomp     by Led Zeppelin
5.  Keys To The Highway    by Big Bill Broonzey
6.  Spoonful     by Willie Dixon
7.  Love In Vein     by Robert Johnson
8.  Honey Bee     by Stevie Ray Vaughan
9.  Southern Can     by Blind Willie Dixon
10. Strange Brew     by Cream
11. Sittin' On Top Of The World  by Howlin' Wolf
12. Mary Had A Little Lamb   by Buddy Guy
vol. 1 "The Writers"
vol. 2  "The Blues"
vol. 3
"The Country"
vol. 4
"Bobbing For Apples"
all songs written
by Bob Dylan
vol. 5
"Nerve On A Whim"
1.  Aneurysm
2.  Dive
3.  Breed
4.  Very Ape
5.  Drain You
6.  Lounge Act
7.  Sliver
8.  About A Girl
9.  On A Plain
10. Sappy
11. School
12. You Know You're Right
all songs written by Kurt Cobain
except tr. 1 by Cobain, Novoselic & Grohl
tr. 2 by Cobain & Novoselic
tr. 7 by Cobain, Novoselic & Peters
vol. 6
"Patton Down The Hatches"
1.  Pony Blues
2.  Tom Rushen Blues
3.  Be True Be True Blues
4.  Hang It On The Wall
5.  Screamin' And Hollerin' The Blues
6.  Running Wild
7.  Hammer Blues
8.  Elder Greene Blues
9.  Poor Me
10. Spoonful Blues
11. Dry Well Blues
all songs written
by Charley Patton
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