From Big Sur
"From Big Sur" is the collaboration
of Wesley Tkaczyk and Kevin
Ream.  The album was written and
recorded in twelve days over the
holidays of 2006 while Kevin was
visiting home from Portland,
Oregon.  The two had worked
together a year ago when Kevin
produced Wesley's album.  Look
for another project from them by
June 2008. Until then keep in
touch with them by clicking their to
myspaces below.
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1.  Two Ordinary People
2.  C'est La Vie
3.  Look Out Tyour Window
4.  Cabin Fever
5.  Out Tonight
6.  A Phone Call Away
7.  Like Pete Best
8.  Day Of The Fire
9.  Fall In Love With You
10. A Well Planned Job
11. Dry Your Tears

all songs produced by  Ream/Tkaczyk
tracks 1, 2, 3, 4,10 & 11 by Ream/ Tkaczyk
tracks 5, 6, 8 & 9 by Wesley Tkacvzyk
track 7 by Kevin Ream
recorded at "Mahony's Studio"
Dansville, MI  Dec. 26  2006 - Jan. 6 2007